At Barcelow3D we made our first architectural rendering right here in Boulder, Colorado in 1979. The world of architectural visualization was very different from the world of today- except for one thing- the need for good communication between the Client and the Illustrator. We work with you every step of the way to get every detail right, and we still provide stunning hand drawn images at your request.



Along with computing and 3D software came an evolution in the way we do our work, but the need for an experienced arch-vis specialist has not diminished. CAD programs are only the jumping off point for truly effective architectural and real estate marketing images.

We use the same software in our architectural presentations that Hollywood uses for special effects in the movies, taking us into virtual worlds that don't yet exist, yet feel completely real. That's the magic... We turn your vision into your client's reality.


Mtn Biking Fruita 2008

Rick Barcelow, Principle at Barcelow3D is an avid cyclist, skier, hiker and fly fisherman. He is also a fine artist and a member of Boulder County Arts Alliance, the Denver Artists Group and an organizer for the Boulder Figure Painting Group. When he's not cycling for his own recreation he rides for EyeCycle Colorado, blind and sighted cyclists teaming up on tandem bikes for the ride of a lifetime! He lives and works in Boulder, Colorado.